Journey to the Heart Stone

In the beginning, the Goddess danced the world into existence. Peace reigned for generations through matriarchal rule within the Minca, Dute, and Carroo tribes. But one man’s lust for power destroyed this balance: Vestor assassinated his sister, Mother of the Minca tribe, and his army ravaged the Dute and Carroo tribes, thrusting a once idyllic world into war, famine, and despair.

Yet today, there is hope. Vestor’s niece, Cora, has a vision: if she can convince an emissary from each tribe to rendezvous at the Heart Stone, she can overthrow her evil uncle, take her rightful place as Mother Minca, and restore harmony.

But the Dutes have disappeared deep into their mountains. There are rumors that the Carroos are extinct. And Cora must move swiftly—lest Vestor learn that she’s pregnant with the Mincan heir.



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A beautiful story reminding us that our own lives are a journey back to the heart of what truly matters in life—love. A very enjoyable read!
Stacey L. Tucker

author of The Equal Night Trilogy

A stunning debut, Journey to the Heart Stone will hold you in its grip, page by compelling page.
Kathy Fish

author Wild Life: Collected Works

Imaginative and ambitious, the fantasy novel Journey to the Heart Stone adventures through an ancient, magical land, conveying real-world insights along the way.

Foreword Clarion Review

An epic fantasy full of warmth, insight, humor, and intrigue. Raphael takes a classic premise—a single hero who must rise up to save the world—and turns it on its head.
K.C. Mead-Brewer

author of The Hidden People

Catherine Raphael’s Journey to the Heart Stone is richly imagined from beginning to end. A wondrous and magical read.
Gail Tsukiyama

author of The Samurai's Garden